Cultivate Experience

Multi-national, specialty niche, disruptive and start-up companies.
C Suite to line worker experience.
Skilled in all aspects of food and beverage companies.

*Technical services *Plant operations *Strategic planning *Accounting/fiscal management *Production *Quality assurance *Auditing *Project engineering * Plant Design *Commercialization

Cultivate - How

Philosophy of the Process

Assess Opportunity in 5 steps

1. Generate Opportunity Ideas
2. Valuation
3. Risk
4. Prioritization
5. Implementation

Meet the Team


Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Candi Carl

Sanitation & Logistics

Jill Costelow

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Josh Burdine

Engineering & Equipment

traci knutson

Food Safety, Quality & Sanitation

John Allen

Operations & Maintenance

Next Steps...

Each project requires a detailed process to achieve the agreed goals, but because we’ve been there many times before, we can start quickly with an appropriately tailored approach that enables the new initiatives and change to begin.