Josh Burdine 

Vice President Engineering and Operations

Owner of 10zie Solutions. Josh delivers solid solutions to the most challenging engineering or manufacturing situations. Josh finds solutions in areas that expand beyond traditional borders in the food and beverage industry. Josh has held multiple expanding and challenging roles in his career. He has extensive experience working for large companies such as Kraft Cornuts, Kraft Foods, as well as smaller and start-up companies such as Pressed Juicery, POM Wonderful. Josh has an extensive background in equipment sales as well as engineering design. He has experience in building plants from the ground up, shepherding the project from idea to implementation. His experience ranges from CPG to brick and mortar retail stores. Josh develops robust plans and processes to develop a continuous improvement culture and supporting technology integrated into overall business plans. He has extensive experience in capital portfolio management ($60MM), M&A integration of capital and fixed assets, manufacturing facility assessment and analysis, policy development and communication, industry benchmarking, and regulatory compliance. Josh grew up in a family business working for 10+ years as a general contractor building custom homes and businesses in the Central Valley.

Josh holds a Masters of Business Administration and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fresno State University. In addition, he has completed advanced studies in Solids Works modeling and design, project management/execution, operational excellence and leadership.