Dr. Malcolm Knight

Co-CEO, Partner & Co-Founder

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Cultivate Group, Owner and President of Amalkar Food & Beverage Consulting. Dr. Malcolm Knight, is a Multi-faceted Food & Beverage Company Professional. A Senior Technical & Operations Executive, trusted advisor and change agent who combines Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Financial, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain Manufacturing and Retail Experience.

Malcolm is British born, a graduate of Kings College London, with a PhD in Food Chemistry sponsored by Unilever. He has vision and technical expertise with the ability to build top performing teams to drive revenue and productivity improvements. Malcolm has worked in many parts of the world, including USA, Africa, Asia and across Europe. Excels at developing and strengthening product position, developing profitable client relationships, and creating and expanding market opportunities.

Retail experience with J Sainsbury plc and as a supplier to Marks & Spencer’s. Beverage experience as SVP of PomWonderful LLC in Los Angeles. PomWonderful was a start-up company and is now a global brand, in 70+ countries around the world. Ambient Food experience with H J Heinz. Malcolm also has Frozen, Chilled Food and Beverage industry experience. He is a past Technical Chairman of the UK Chilled Food Association. He assembles and mentors top talent, instills a culture of success at all levels and creates roadmaps for succession and sustainability. Malcolm has deep and broad experience across food and beverage sector as well as exposure to other environments including Legal, Government and Trade Associations. Co-Chair of Juice and Beverage Task Force with FDA, IFSH.